My home page is not updating

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My home page is not updating

I have jokingly said that a project of this significance is like having children...should do it when you're young....because it requires a lot of time, energy and mention sleepless nights!

We started the year by adding a new member to our family!March was time to seriously get started working on the new CD....making the final decisions on what songs to do, working out the arrangements, scheduling rehearsals, and then heading into the Studio to record.I'm so fortunate to work with such amazing musicians every week and that made the transition to the recording studio so much easier.Marty Stuart and Connie Smith came in and sang with me on "Senses" which Connie recorded first in 1964!While we were there Marty shared with us that this was where he first met Johnny Cash...kind of history.

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We recorded at Hilltop Studios with John Nicholson where I've done so much of my work....

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